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Our neighborhood, Cannon Bluff, is a lovely wooded area nestled in the woods on the Occoquan, located in Prince William County, Virginia. This website is dedicated to providing local and neighborhood information to the residents and visitors of Cannon Bluff.


The Homeowners Association is continuously working to improve the website as a tool of communication with Cannon Bluff residents and to share information about our neighborhood and area we live in.  Visitors to the website will find information about upcoming events and issues that affect the residents of our community.

Great information is available on the Cannon Bluff Homeowners Association News & Events webpage, link shown at the top of the screen.  We hope everyone who lives in the Bluff will bookmark this page and make it a regular read to stay informed on the happenings of our community.

Spring 2016

The Cannon Bluff HOA requests your contact info in order to help send out timely info that is more urgent than simply posting it on the website. This information will never be made available to anyone other than Cannon Bluff HOA board members, and will not be used for any commercial activity. Examples of things that may be emailed would be notices of missing persons or pets, urgent notices about crime, community issues, etc. We may add a community newsletter at some point, but that would be completely optional at that time. 


Submission of your contact info is completely voluntary, though we very much appreciate it. Please do NOT submit if you are not a Cannon Bluff HOA member. Submit your info HERE


Cannon Bluff Homeowners enjoy beatiful views and boat access to the Occoquan.

Park Trail

Cannon Bluff Homeowners enjoy trails with bridges and stream views.

Wooded Lots

Cannon Bluff Homeowners enjoy large wooded lots and close proximity to nature.

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