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The Cannon Bluff Homeowners Association is comprised of 236 single family homes, each situated on a lot sized 1 to 5 acres. The property also contains a 12.5 acre park area, with facilities for picnicking, boating, grilling, hiking and fishing.  Due to the low housing density and the wooded, natural surroundings, homeowners have easy access to  Northern Virginia's natural wildlife at home and in the park. The property is boardered by Bull Run, allowing access for water activities right next door.

Property Location

Information for Homeowners


  • Homeowner Packets/Park Keys:  Mike Varone, 703-401-9590
  • Find the HOA By-Laws listed among the documents below
  • Find the Covenants among the documents below
  • Paying Homeowners Association Dues:  Contact the Treasurer, William Evans, via the HOA e-mail ( ).      
  • Do you remember (or know) the last time your septic tank was cleaned?  Do you remember the company that did it?  If not, the Prince William County creates a handy list to help us remember each year.  See the link to the 2013 list below.


Cannon Bluff Home Owners Association By-Laws
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Cannon Bluff Covenants
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Some questions that arose during and after our recent annual homeowners meeting were answered by Mike May.  See the questions and his response below.

Question 1.  What is the status of the sewer line going up Davis Ford Road?


Response – An Invitation for Bids for the New Water Main and Force Main along Davis Ford Road is scheduled to be issued by the Service Authority in summer 2014 with construction commencing in late summer- early fall 2014.  The construction project is anticipated to last 12-18 months depending on permit requirements.

Question 2. Cannon Bluff HOA has several streets where the shoulders are in need of gravel to raise the road side beds.  Anyone that we can contact to understand their scheduled for doing any work?


Response -- We reported this issue to VDOT, which is the state agency responsible for road maintenance.  They responded as follows: "We will review the streets in Cannon Bluff subdivision for shoulder repairs, schedule and weather permitting. We encourage the citizens to report anything to VDOT by calling our customer center at 1-800-FOR ROAD (367-7623) to ensure faster notification of our crews and tracking of the request.


Question 3.  When will the construction for the police station and fire station begin on Davis Ford /PWC Parkway?


Response – Both projects are currently under design.  Construction of the Central District Police Station is currently expected to start in May 2015 and conclude in November 2016.  Construction of the fire station is currently expected to start in October 2015 and conclude in December 2016.


Since the meeting, we have posted the plans for the new PD / FD center on our website.


Question 4.  What is the schedule for the widening of the PWC Parkway, between Old Bridge and Minnieville?


Response - The contract date for the Parkway is December 1st of this year, so it may be completed sooner than I reported at the meeting.  However, there are still utilities in the way that may cause some delay in the project, so the December 1st date could certainly be pushed back.  As always, weather and other factors outside the county's control can impact the timeline as well.



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Park Hours

The park closes at dark.  Please be sure to lock the gate on your way out.